NetApp explains StoreVault deletion

Net App will launch new product bundles for small business in a month, after today deleting its StoreVault products.

Net App Australia is “a month away” from revealing new product bundles to replace its StoreVault line, which the company deleted today.

Scott Morris of Net App Australia told SearchStorage ANZ that StoreVault had not suited the local market for two reasons.

“The US definition of a small business is much higher than it is here,” Morris said. The StoreVault was therefore pitched to organisations far larger than a typical Australian or New Zealand small business, which made it difficult to win sales.

Morris added that the StoreVault products were “a little bit of an aberration” and said it represented a “tangent” that was not necessarily “in the right direction” for Net App, as it offered a subset of the functions in its other devices. That tactic was a divergence from NetApp’s “unified storage” vision of a single architecture for all storage and made the StoreVault harder to explain to customers.

The company is now preparing new bundles for smaller businesses based on its FAS2000 products. The new offerings will be sold through the same channel the company recruited to sell StoreVault. The company will continue to support existing StoreVault users until 2012, the current planned end-of-life for the product.

StoreVault was introduced to Australia in January 2007. Australia was the first nation other than the USA to offer the product.


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