Logical Units – New product roundup

Our occasional roundup of new storage products returns with a look at some new products from Adaptec, HDS and SNIA.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has been busy of late, popping out a pair of new NAS last week. The NAS 3080 and 3090 can reach one and two petabytes of storage respectively and are aimed at midrange customers. Prices start at $40,000, for which you get an array HDS says is jolly good at tiering your data. We suspect that claim is the reason these arrays have “powered by BlueArc” mentioned conspicuously on HDS' web page.HDS' new NAS

The company has also updated its IT Operations Analyser, which has reached the “milestone” of a 1.2 release just a handful of months past its April 2009 release. The new release is better at wrangling devices from NetApp, Juniper’s EX-Series and is also better at working alongside kit virtualized by VMWare.

Adaptec gets solid

Fresh from Adaptec is a new product called the “MaxIQ SSD Cache Performance Solution,” a device that includes a 32GB Intel SATA SSD that gets used as high-performance cache to enable the creation of what Adaptec is calling “High-Performance Hybrid Arrays.”

The idea seems to be that by putting one of these products in front of a RAID card, you create a Tier 0 of super-fast SSD storage that improves performance of all those boring old spinning magnetoresistant drives lurking below. Get ready to hand over $1749 to get your hands on one of these devices.

SNIA helps NAS performance

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has issued a new, free, piece of software. Attractively named “NDMP V4”, SNIA says the software is a result of work on the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), “… a standard protocol for managing backup and restore of Network Attached Storage (NAS) file servers and appliances.”

The new tool gets a nice rap from Illuminata Analyst John Webster, who says “I’ve seen the SNIA has taken some of its best practices from its specification and standards development efforts and applied them to software in a very wise way. The industry will benefit greatly if the SNIA is able to work across its membership to provide the building block software to help with data management and cloud storage.”

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