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College deploys Isilon scale-out NAS system

Storage roundup: College deploys Isilon scale-out NAS system; UK users lack off-site backup; Infortrend, Overland get VMware certification; Redstor offers cloud storage services; and more.

College deploys Isilon scale-out NAS

West Nottinghamshire College has deployed an Isilon scale-out NAS system to consolidate its data storage environment and simplify data management for 26,000 staff and students.

Prior to deploying Isilon's NAS system, the college's SAN and NAS systems couldn't scale to keep pace with rapid and often unpredictable data growth, said Gavin Peake, director of ICT at the college. He said, "Running out of capacity is not an option for us. What we needed was a solution we could bring online and expand quickly that is suitable for any type of workload. Most importantly, it needed to be incredibly reliable with very low management overhead."

Working with Isilon channel partner Khipu Networks, the college deployed an Isilon X-Series scale-out NAS system to consolidate its data storage infrastructure onto a single shared-storage resource. Peake said, "We now have a centralised home space for all our students and staff and the ability to allocate capacity to new projects in just a few minutes."

UK users lack off-site backup and DR

More than one-third (36%) of UK businesses have no off-site backup and disaster recovery strategy, and more than two-thirds (71%) do not back up or do not know if they back up their virtual servers as often as their physical servers.

That's according to backup product vendor Acronis, which has launched its Global Disaster Recovery Index to survey 3,000 SME IT managers about the level of confidence they have in their backup and recovery operations.

The survey found that greatest challenge for the majority (67%) of UK IT managers is moving data between physical, virtual and cloud environments. The average UK business currently uses at least two to three separate backup solutions, with one-third (35%) using four or more to manage their different environments and further complicating DR.

Those who have no off-site backup and DR strategy in place cite lack of budget and resources as the primary reasons why it is not more of a priority. But, as a proportion of all IT spend, the UK spends slightly less (10%) on backup and DR than those that came out with the best overall results, Germany (13%) and the Netherlands (14%).

The poor results for UK businesses on backing up virtual servers came despite an expected 25% increase in the deployment of virtual production servers in 2011. More than half (56%) of companies surveyed worldwide use different solutions for both their physical and virtual backups.

Infortrend gets VMware certification . . .

Array maker Infortrend announced that its Enterprise Scalable Virtualised Architecture (ESVA) E60-2230 storage system has achieved VMware Ready status. This designation indicates that the ESVA E60-2230 has passed a detailed evaluation and testing process managed by VMware and is now listed on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List.

. . . and so does Overland

Overland Storage announced that its SnapSAN S1000 has achieved VMware Ready status and is now listed on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List. The SnapSAN S1000 modular storage array is available with a choice of single or dual controllers; iSCSI, Fibre Channel or SAS connectivity; and the ability to scale to 120 TB.

Redstor offers cloud storage services

Cloud storage provider Redstor has launched three new online cloud storage infrastructure services powered by EMC Atmos. Redstor will utilise Atmos in its Cloud Storage Platform, hosted in geographically diverse data centres, to provide secure cloud storage services. The three cloud storage services are Redstor Cloud Network Attached Storage, which offers virtually unlimited file storage capacity via a downloadable virtual NAS appliance; Redstor Cloud Drive for PCs and Servers, which allows users to mount Redstor Cloud Storage to a standard Windows PC or server in the same way as a normal hard drive; and Redstor Cloud Storage Silo, which allows users to access unlimited business-grade storage via the EMC Atmos Web services API or software from an independent software vendor (ISV).

Shoden provides Sainsbury's backup

Reseller Shoden Data Systems UK announced it has helped Sainsbury's plan and implement a backup strategy for mainframe and open systems that has lowered the cost, footprint and energy consumption of 250 TB of backup data.

Sainsbury's has 890 stores offering approximately 30,000 products and a work force of 150,000 that serves more than 19 million customers each week.

Shoden delivered its QuickRecover solution for combined mainframe and open systems environments in two data centres with an open systems solution in a third location.

Sainsbury's tape maintenance costs were rising rapidly, it had an aging infrastructure approaching its end of life and was suffering increasingly unreliable tape media, according to Tim Neale, the company's mainframe services lead.

He said, "One of our data centres was also running out of floor space. Other vendors offered new or different tape-based solutions, but we were attracted to Shoden's bold approach to move us to disk-based backups using best-of-breed technologies such as Data Domain and Luminex alongside its own management software."

Shoden has also announced the availability of QuickView, a dashboard that highlights performance and analysis information for the key performance metrics of the Hitachi Universal and Virtual Storage Platforms.

VirtualSharp partners with S3

VirtualSharp Software announced it has partnered with Basingstoke-based S3, an integrator of data storage and storage management systems that will market VirtualSharp's ReliableDR across the UK. ReliableDR is used in virtual server deployments that require granular and frequent DR tests at an IT service level, and is particularly suited to organisations that are heavily regulated by external legislation or internal policies or those with stringent compliance requirements. ReliableDR implements policy-based and enforceable recovery point objectives (RPO) and measurable and predictable recovery time objectives (RTO).

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