Red Hat and Cisco integrate Enterprise Virtualisation and VN-Link

Looking to simplify data centre deployments, Red Hat and Cisco will integrate virtual technologies; plus more daily news.

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Red Hat and Cisco integrate Enterprise Virtualisation and VN-Link
Cisco has integrated its Cisco Virtual Network Link (VN-Link) technology with Red Hat's Enterprise Virtualisation in a bid to simplify data centre deployments. The vendors are integrating the Cisco Unified Computing System Virtual Interface Card with the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor included in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation. VN-Link automates the movements of network and storage services in order to follow virtual machines as they are moved around the data centre.

More than half of UK business professionals still unaware of CRC Scheme
More than 54% of business professionals have still not heard of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), according to a survey by green IT specialist Externus. Despite being introduced in April, the survey revealed that 71% of business professionals have no idea whether or not their company will be affected by the scheme. The CRC was created with the aim of stimulating energy efficiency within UK organisations. League tables will be released on a yearly basis to rate businesses' 'greenness,' the first being planned for April 2011.

Savvis introduces Symphony VPDC service
Cloud service provider Savvis has unveiled its Savvis Symphony VPDC service, designed to contain a full set of enterprise data centre services, including multiple tiers of storage, security features, and load balancing. The new service joins the existing Savvis Symphony Open and Savvis Symphony Dedicated cloud compute services. Savvis Symphony VPDC was originally pre-announced at VMWorld 2009 under the name "Project Spirit."

Waterstons adds to cloud-based service with DataCore software
The cloud hosting services firm Waterstons has chosen DataCore's storage virtualisation software for its cloud-based service. Based in Durham, Waterstons is already a DataCore Gold Accredited Partner. Using DataCore's software, Waterstons is offering customers services such as taking a single virtual machine from the company for a month, or using an entire network of servers.

Quest Software on a quest for new service providers
Quest Software has announced a Service Provider Programme in a bid to help its partners attract new customers in Windows, database, application, network, and virtualisation management. The programme includes 'unique' pricing and billing models for service providers.

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