Sify-HP cloud computing: Pricing details and more

New on-demand cloud services from Sify uses HP's converged infrastructure. Here's a look at how much Sify and HP cloud computing services will cost you.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the third component of cloud computing, has finally entered India Inc with HP and Sify Technologies jointly announcing an agreement to power Sify's on-demand cloud computing services using HP's converged infrastructure. The Sify and HP cloud computing service will include software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). It will also allow Sify to provide demand-based computing services on a pay-per-use or flexible contract model.

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 Currently, Sify has data centers in Bengaluru, Chennai and Navi Mumbai, where these HP cloud computing services will be hosted. To enable these services, the blade system matrix, a product of HP's converged infrastructure, pools together Sify's IT resources into an automated and virtualized resource pool. Specific application templates have been developed to automatically provision resources for new business requirements. The blade system matrix can be accessed through a portal with a user name and password. From here, users can see the Sify-HP cloud computing services they have availed of, the current status, or make required changes.

Coming to the Sify-HP cloud computing service's pricing part, there are multiple layers which customers can choose from. Packaged flavors which come with a certain amount of compute, storage and data transfer capacity are part of the service. Payment options are monthly, quarterly and annual schedules at the moment.

There are four tiers in storage, ranging from performance to economy. The performance tier is priced at Rs 1,500 per GB; this tier is ideal for very large enterprises. For the economy tier, the price is around Rs 30,000 per annum. It's possible for users to shift across tiers as per the requirement.

Buyers can opt for bandwidth as per their data transfer requirements. The data transfer rate per gigabyte is priced at Rs 1,500 per annum. When it comes to application licensing, customers opt for their own OS license, otherwise it can be provided through the Sify-HP cloud computing service.

Now the question remains as to how Sify and HP plan to assure its customers of security, the most vital concern when it comes to cloud computing? To start with, the companies claim to have very stringent SLAs right from the point of identification of the security threat to the risk mitigation. According to these claims, it will be able to find the threat within 15 minutes and mitigate it within 30 minutes. An SLA has been provided even for data disposal. Sify and HP's cloud computing service also has SAS70 Type 1 and SAS70 Type 2 certification, along with ISO 27001.

As part of the agreement, HP and Sify will also leverage their networks to promote these cloud computing services to the SMB segment. In addition, Sify will leverage HP's network of ISV partners to offer applications on the cloud model.

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