Demystifying Citrix's XenServer licensing models for India

Despite much hoopla about Citrix XenServer's free Express Edition, Indian pricing of other editions remains hazy. Here's a look beyond the fine print.

When it comes to entry level server virtualization, Citrix now has the free XenServer edition on offer. Previously known as the XenServer Express edition, XenServer is basically a mix and match of the earlier XenServer Standard and XenServer Express editions' features. The recently shipped XenServer version has features like live migration, shared storage support, centralized multi-server management plus P2V and V2V conversion tools.

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While this edition does prove handy for organizations starting out with server virtualization, it lacks features such as high availability and historical performance reporting (essential from an enterprise standpoint). This is where Citrix pitches the not-so-free Essentials for XenServer options, which come in Enterprise and Platinum flavors.

Essentials for XenServer editions come with the option of more sophisticated features like workload balancing, high-availability and lab management. So what do these paid versions of XenServer have on offer for Indian organizations? More importantly, how much will you have to shell out, and what are the available support options?

Essentials for XenServer, Enterprise Edition

In India, the Essentials for XenServer, Enterprise Edition is priced at $3000 for a two CPU machine. The main difference between this edition and the vanilla XenServer edition is on the availability, alerts, virtual provisioning and reporting fronts. This edition allows for high availability historical performance reporting, e-mail alerts, and integrated storage management capabilities.

Essentials for XenServer, Platinum edition

Workload provisioning is the main differentiator between Enterprise and Platinum editions. It offers dynamic provisioning at virtual as well as physical fronts. The Platinum edition has been priced at $5000 for a two CPU system.

Available support options for XenServer variants
At the moment, Citrix offers two paid support plans for its Indian XenServer users. Support is available over phone, Web and email with named contacts. More details are given in the Table: XenServer support options.

Table: XenServer support options
Cost (USD) $1,500 $3,000
Product coverage XenServer and Citrix Essentials products only XenServer and Citrix Essentials products only
Coverage hours 2.30 am to 12.30 pm IST (Monday to Friday) 24X7
Incidents 5 5
Named contacts 2 4
Type of access Phone/Web/email Phone/Web/email

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