Top strategies to keep your network running in an emergency

Experts outline the 14 most important things you can do now to ensure that your network provides users with the functionality they need in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Experts agree that now is the time to prep both the network and the company for a potential bird flu pandemic. Here are 14 suggestions from Gartner Inc. on how to proactively take charge of bird flu preparation, instead of reacting to an outbreak:

  1. Obtain and evaluate written copies of service provider influenza response plans.
  2. Assess service provider strategies for remote management.
  3. Identify specific needs not addressed in existing service provider business continuity disaster plans.
  4. Seek assurance that externally employed business process experts will be accessible.
  5. Recommend that executives identify the most critical employees.
  6. Directly oversee the installation of broadband services to the homes of the most critical employees.
  7. Install backup broadband services for senior executives.
  8. Invest in a backup environment for email traffic.
  9. Contract with an external provider for email.
  10. Obtain satellite phones for executives, board members and critical staff.
  11. Negotiate preferential terms with an audio/videoconferencing provider.
  12. Decide whether to lease or buy in-house audio-conferencing systems.
  13. Use Web conferencing with clients and suppliers.
  14. Assess, recommend and act now.


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