HP wins $2.5bn deal to support 60,000 NASA staff

NASA has signed an IT services contract with HP for computer services and devices for 60,000 workers.

NASA has signed a contract with HP for computer services and devices for 60,000 workers worth $2.5bn.

The megadeal will run for four years with options to extend and is further evidence that the recovery in IT service spending is gathering pace.

HP will upgrade the computers that its staff use and introduce collaboration tools. "NASA personnel use IT to support NASA's core business, scientific, research and computational activities," said Michael Sweigart, procurement officer of the Shared Services Centre at NASA. "HP will provide, manage, secure and maintain these essential IT services for the agency."

The deal is an example of organisations starting to spend on IT services that change businesses rather than just make them more efficient. As well as upgrading the NASA personal computing infrastructure and providing Tier 2/3 service desk support HP will also introduce technology to allow NASA staff to collaborate securely.

HP is working with smaller suppliers because NASA, like its UK public sector counterparts, has guidelines to do so.

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