Firefox 4 now available for Android phones

Mozilla's Firefox 4 web browser is now available for smartphones running Google Android.

Mozilla's Firefox 4 web browser is now available for smartphones running Google's Android operating system.

Firefox 4 features include secure access to personal data across desktop and mobile devices, as well as browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs. The latest version also includes Firefox Sync, which allows passwords and form data to be shared across computers and mobile devices.

"Firefox is up to three times faster than the stock browser on Android. Major enhancements to the Javascript engine make everything from page load speed to graphics to overall performance snappy in Firefox," said Mozilla in a blog post.

"Firefox for mobile is built on the same technology platform as the desktop version. With modern web technologies such as HTML5, developers can build rich, interactive applications and websites," the company added.

Firefox can be downloaded from Android Market or for Maemo devices.

Full information on browser features are available here.

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