Computer Weekly features list - 2011 Guides

Schedule of the Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide feature series.

Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide 2011

The Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide will map the IT buying cycle of our readership onto relevant editorial that will inform and educate readers and help them towards making the right buying decision.

Each month the publication will run a series of articles on a particular category of software/hardware/IT service, which will appear in print on a weekly basis and online at the start of the month. Articles will run as features section in print, and as an SEO-optimised Buyer's Guide page online. The Buyer's Guide article in print will point readers to the online Buyer's Guide, where they will be able to access all the articles in one place. This should encourage our print readers to use's online Buyer's Guide as an IT toolbox, which they can bookmark and return.

Buyer’s Guide will be organised into four parts, which develop into a standalone piece of evergreen content that readers can refer back to. Each part will include a written article plus relevant background material as well as exclusive online-only multimedia content and infographics.

1. Market Overview

This is an introduction to the topic covered in the Buyer's Guide. The article will examine the nature of a given software/hardware/IT services product category, look at where it fits within the business, why users need it and which companies sell products in this category.

2. Analyst Perspective

Here, Computer Weekly will invite leading IT analysts to submit relevant research that can help readers narrow down product choices with a shortlist of products they may wish to investigate further.

3. Case Study

At this stage in the buying cycle, the reader has a shortlist and may have given his/her technical people a brief to research the products in more detail, such as by following up customer references from the supplier. Computer Weekly supports this research with an in-depth case study, selected for its uniqueness, which illustrates best practices, technical and business drivers, lessons learnt and future plans of a successful IT project using one of the products shortlisted.

4. Business Case

Finally, the reader is in a position to discuss with a business decision-maker the merits of buying the product. In partnership with an IT analyst firm, Computer Weekly aims to help readers put together the business case, by providing examples of how the numbers stack up, in providing value to the business. Our aim here is to help the reader develop a successful business case, by providing material that they can reference and build on when they document the justification for the IT project.


January to March 2011

Buyer’s Guide - Features List

We will produce a quarterly schedule of Buyer’s Guides, allowing us to keep topical and also respond to short-term commercial opportunities. The proposed Q1 2011 schedule is:

January – The consumerisation of IT – opportunities and threats
With more and more people carrying smartphones television with integrated internet and tablet devices, businesses need to re-evaluate and modernize their web strategies. People are now able to interact with businesses at any time, anywhere and from any device. How do you best support multi-channel eBusiness.


February – Next generation mobile communications
With next generation mobile promising to provide fast internet right to the palm of your hand, the industry is working at break-neck speeds to rollout mobile apps and mobile commerce. In this series of articles we will look at the up and coming technologies, the business opportunities and the barriers to adoption of mobile broadband services.


March – Financial services IT
Traditionally, the financial services sector has been a big spender of IT. But given the global economic crisis, how are the banks and insurance companies driving IT innovation when budgets are tight? This series will look at the technology, services and methodologies the financial services companies are favouring to innovate with IT


April – IT security
The security landscape is evolving as users move to flexible working and IT investigates the threats and opportunities of cloud services. At the same time hackers are exposing holes in seemingly “unbreakable” systems. How can IT balance flexible access with the need to lock-down critical systems?

May – Networking in the cloud
For businesses and government departments to adopt cloud computing services, a reliable network connection is essential. In this series of articles we will investigate how to prepare your network infrastructure for cloud computing. We will look at network redundancy, virtualisation, network accelerators, and benchmarking.

June –  How to support IT operations
As IT becomes integral to business operations, IT’s function is moving beyond simply “keeping the lights on”. In these articles we will cover the tools and best practices CIOs and their team use to manage IT systems, processes and projects.

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