Microsoft forced to recall Outlook 2007 update

Microsoft has recalled an update to Microsoft...

Microsoft has recalled an update to Microsoft Outlook 2007 two days after its release.

The December 2010 Outlook update was pulled from distribution after Microsoft discovered three issues, including failure to connect to secure password authentication (SPA), slow switching between folders and problems with the auto-archive feature.

Microsoft said the update was distributed via Microsoft Update and users who received automatic updates between 14 and 16 December would also be affected.

In a blog post, Microsoft said, "We have discovered several issues with the update and want to inform you about problems you might encounter and what corrective steps we recommend. As of 16 December, this Outlook 2007 update has been removed from Microsoft Update."

"We failed to meet our own and our customers' expectation for quality with this update release. We are working to fix these issues and will post a release date for those fixes, and link to download them, as soon as that information is available," Microsoft added.

Microsoft recommended un-installing the December 2010 update. Details on how to un-install the update on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP are available on Microsoft's MSDN blog.

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