BusinessObjects customers want more support from SAP

More than a third of BusinessObjects users are not happy with product owner SAP

More than a third of SAP BusinessObjects customers in the UK say SAP is not meeting their needs, a global survey by the SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) has revealed.

The survey is the first initiative of SUGEN's SAP BusinessObjects Charter, a programme announced in May to increase SAP interaction with BusinessObjects customers.

A third of UK respondents said their needs were hardly met, 5% said they were not met at all, 62% said they were sufficiently met and none said all their needs were met.

"With one in three BusinessObjects customers feeling that their needs aren't being met by SAP, it shows that greater engagement and collaboration is needed," said Craig Dale, chief executive of the UK & Ireland SAP User Group.

The charter's aim is to increase collaboration between SAP and its users to better meet the needs of BusinessObjects customers, said Dale, who is the UK's representative on the charter team.

"At a local level, the UK & Ireland SAP User Group is also working very closely with SAP in the UK to address customer needs," he said.

Some 27% of survey respondents said their companies use SAP solutions, but only 10% said they are using SAP together with BusinessObjects.

"This shows many organisations are potentially missing out on the value that the combined products could bring," said Dale.

With BusinessObjects being SAP's main business intelligence product, it will be important to educate both existing and potential users as to the combined benefits, he said.

"Many users still don't see BusinessObjects as an SAP company, therefore it is the role of both SAP and user groups to improve awareness to help drive customer value," said Dale.

The UK & Ireland SAP User Group plans to run special sessions for BusinessObjects customers as part of its annual user conference in November.

This will enable users to find out more about product roadmaps and demonstrate how being part of the user group can improve interaction with SAP, said Craig.

UK survey respondents indicated that the three most pressing concerns for SAP BusinessObjects users are pricing (53%), support (45%), and licensing (36%).

Users said there needs to be greater clarity in pricing as there is still some confusion in the market, said Dale.

"This demonstrates that there is a clear need for greater user education and for users to be provided with more information," he said.

Dale said the charter plans to raise with SAP all the concerns highlighted in the survey, but called on BusinessObjects users to provide continual feedback.

"BusinessObjects users only have to look at the work that SUGEN did in working with SAP to help address customer concerns regarding Enterprise Support, to see how influential the global user groups can be," he said.

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