London Stock Exchange CTO Robin Paine leaves

Robin Paine is leaving the role of CTO at the London Stock Exchange after five years in the post.

Robin Paine is leaving the role of CTO at the London Stock Exchange after five years in the post.

Robin Paine joined the London Stock Exchange from EDS, where he worked on a contract with Dutch bank ABN AMRO.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is currently going through a large migration project as it moves from its .Net based Tradelect platform to the trading platform from Millennium IT, which it acquired for £18m in September 2009.

It has since moved CIO David Lester to the CEO role at trading platform Turquoise, which the LSE took control of in December last year, and appointed former Amex CIO Antoine Shagoury to the position of CIO.

Paine said the role at the London Stock Exchange was very challenging and rewarding. He paid tribute to "the highly dedicated staff that remain".

He joins Oxford Sustainable, which develops renewable energy systems.

Meanwhile, the LSE has revised its timetable for migrating share trading to Millennium IT. It originally planned to go live in September this year, but this will now be put back to November to give clients more time to prepare.

"Over the past few months good progress has been made on the project and the work required for the development of Millennium Exchange for the UK market has now been completed. However, based on the feedback we have received and in order to provide clients with a sufficient window to continue their development/testing, we are announcing an extended timeline for customer readiness and the go-live date," said the LSE.

The new timeline:

  • July 2010 - Launch of self certification service
  • September 2010 - Early Access Service available
  • October 2010 - Dress Rehearsal 1
  • October 2010 - Dress Rehearsal 2
  • November 2010 - Go-live
  • December 2010 - Contingency Go-live date

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