Kaspersky offers World Cup fans free smartphone protection

Throughout the 2010 World Cup, Kaspersky...

Throughout the 2010 World Cup, Kaspersky Lab is offering football fans free protection for their smartphones.

While most security firms have warned fans about the potential threats of malware in World Cup-related spam and websites, Kaspersky is warning of the physical threat of theft.

Millions of fans are expected to follow the matches on big screens around the world, where they could be vulnerable to theft of their smartphones by pickpockets, the security firm said.

Kaspersky Lab is offering a free download of its Mobile Security 9 product to enable fans to block their smartphones, wipe information and track them using GPS if their device is lost or stolen.

If the SIM is replaced, the owner will receive immediate notification of the phone's new number.

The product also enables the return of lost smartphones by displaying the contact details of the owner on the screen of any blocked device.

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