Novell demos fast app deployment on Windows 7

Novell has demonstrated how it can help IT managers migrate XP to Windows 7.

Novell has demonstrated how it can help IT managers migrate XP to Windows 7.

Novell recommends that users assess the Windows 7 opportunities in their business, migrate quickly, then manage and optimise the operating environment.

All these areas are covered by the Novell ZenWorks family, the company claimed.

Novell said its ZenWorks Configuration Manager software is able to take data from an XP machine and migrate to Windows 7.

ZenWorks' Personality Migration tool allows IT departments to store desktop configurations, which can be reinstalled once the PC has been upgraded to Windows 7.

During a demonstration at its Brainshare Europe conference, the company showed how the application virtualisation feature in ZenWorks can be used to enable Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE6) to run in a virtual machine on Windows 7, which only supports IE8.

Novell said this may be significant for users that run browser-based applications which rely on IE6, leaving the apps incompatible with Windows 7.

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