Video: Developers must think 'mobile first', says Google CEO

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has made an impassioned plea for application developers to think of mobile first when considering what characteristics their new software needs.

In a keynote speech to the Mobile World Congress, Schmidt said Google had adopted "mobile first" as a guiding principle for all its future developments.

He said the mobile phone was now the central device and representative for individuals, and that forthcoming apps would make it even more intimately integrated with people's lives.

"The phone is no longer the phone; it is your alter ego," he said. "It is fundamental to everything that you do."

He said it was important to understand that this meant the new rule was "mobile first" in everything they did. "The important thing is that it is what people want," he said, arguing that it was the industry's responsibility to educate, inform and meet users' expectations.

"The challenge is to put the networks and the computational capacity of data centres together in ways that people would say 'Oh my God, how did I ever live without that'?" he said.

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