Twitter was top word of 2009

Twitter was the most used word of 2009, according...

Twitter was the most used word of 2009, according to a study carried out by the Global Language Monitor.

Even the name Obama couldn't match Twitter, which is a tool where people can use a maximum of 140 characters to communicate.

The words are tracked by their appearance in global media outlets and frequency of use, and context is also taken into account.

The top words of 2009:

  1. Twitter - the ability to encapsulate human thought in 140 characters
  2. Obama - the word stem transforms into scores of new words like ObamaCare
  3. H1N1 - The formal (and politically correct) name for Swine Flu
  4. Stimulus - the $800bn aid package meant to help mend the US economy
  5. Vampire - vampires are very much en vogue, now the symbol of unrequited love
  6. 2.0 - the 2.0 suffix is attached to the next generation of everything
  7. Deficit - lessons from history are dire warnings here
  8. Hadron - ephemeral particles subject to collision in the Large Hadron Collider
  9. Healthcare - the direction of which is the subject of intense debate in the US
  10. Transparency - elusive goal for which many 21st century governments are strivingOutrage - in response to large bonuses handed out to 'bailed-out' companies
  11. Bonus - the incentive pay packages that came to symbolise greed and excess
  12. Unemployed - and underemployed amount to close to 20% of US workforce
  13. Foreclosure - forced eviction for not keeping up with the mortgage payments
  14. Cartel - in Mexico, at the centre of the battle over drug trafficking

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