Microsoft launches Azure to merge cloud and Windows computing

Microsoft has released Windows Azure, its cloud computing platform for running .net web services.

Microsoft has released Windows Azure, its cloud computing platform for running .net web services.

At the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC). Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at Microsoft, unveiled the company's "three screens and a cloud" vision, where software experiences are delivered seamlessly across PCs, phones and televisions, all connected by cloud-based services.

He said, "Customers want choice and flexibility in how they develop and deploy applications. We are moving into an era of solutions that are experienced by users across PCs, phones and the web, and that are delivered from datacentres we refer to as private clouds and public clouds."

Microsoft has developed Windows Server AppFabric Beta 1, a set of integrated, high-level application services designed to help application developers deploy and manage applications spanning both server and cloud platforms.

Bob Muglia, president of the server and tools business at Microsoft, said, "Microsoft is converging on a common developer platform for both servers and services, which will enable developers to continue using familiar .net Framework and Visual Studio tools and technologies, as well as third-party tools such as Eclipse, to create and monetise applications that run on the server and as services in the cloud."

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