Red Hat reveals top five Linux applications of 2009

Here are five of the best Linux business applications of 2009, as voted...

Here are five of the best Linux business applications of 2009, as voted by Red Hat:

Management excellence

Whole Foods Market, a US organic grocer, has used Red Hat Satellite to manage its Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. According to Red Hat, the implementation allowed the company to reduce costs, reallocate resources and enable the IT department to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Optimised systems

Telco Verizon Communications was selected for its consolidation and standardisation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which was used on its SAP and PeopleSoft enterprise resource planning applications to reduce costs, increase performance, and support growth. Red Hat said Enterprise Linux, allowed Verizon to run its servers more efficiently, with minimal need for additional equipment.

Superior alternatives

Union Bank, the 16th largest bank in the US, migrated its operating platform from AIX/Websphere to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss. Red Hat said the migration supported mission-critical applications at an improved price, greater performance and with less up-keep. Union Bank used open source to increase time to market, reliability and return on investment.

Extensive ccosystem

Hilti, a technology provider to the global construction industry, has standardised on Red Hat Enterprise Linux to handle its SAP applications, including SAP ERP and SAP Customer Relationship Management, with more than 5Tbytes of data. Hilti migrated its critical systems from a Tru64 Unix-based system to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Cluster Suite and Red Hat Global File System (GFS). The migration to Red Hat delivered increased application performance, reduced electricity costs and provided the company with a long-term platform strategy, Red Hat said.

Outstanding open source architecture

Ecommerce, a global web hosting and e-commerce services provider has worked with Red Hat specialist Vizuri to develop an Intelligent Data Centre web services hosting platform that aims to improve customer service, reduce customer turnover and cut operational costs.

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