Novell paves way to Suse Linux appliances

Novell has introduced a programme to help software companies develop and sell appliances running Suse Linux.

Novell has introduced a programme to help software companies develop and sell appliances running Suse Linux.

The Suse Appliance Program is designed to help independent software providers package and distribute their software on Suse Linux.

Markus Rex, senior vice-president and general manager of Novell Open Platform Solutions, said, "Novell has taken all of our knowledge about how to build and customise an operating system and captured it for ISVs in one unique program. ISVs don't need to be experts in Linux distributions to build their own solutions. Instead, they are now free to focus on what they do best - create a better software experience for their customers."

Novell is including Suse Studio Online, a web-based appliance building tool, Suse Linux Enterprise JeOS (Just Enough Operating System), and support for Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 deployed on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), within the programme.

The Suse Appliance Program could benefit end-user businesses, according to analyst house IDC. "Software appliances are the next evolutionary step for software packaging, allowing hardware to be decoupled from the software, and creating more flexibility for deployment and management," said Al Gillen, Program vice-president, System Software at IDC.

"Businesses are looking for simplified ways to deploy their applications, and this emerging form factor can not only directly leverage the increasingly virtualised infrastructure that customers have today in their data centres, it is capable of deployment to cloud computing environments, too. We believe that software appliances will also help reduce support costs and sales cycle times for ISVs, making the concept attractive for vendors and end users alike," said Al Gillen.

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