Podcast: Moving collaboration to the next level


Podcast: Moving collaboration to the next level

The credit crunch is driving a new realism within organisations, and within their IT departments in particular.

The risk of slackening sales is prompting a closer focus on the cost side of the business with greater efficiency the name of the game. Now, the business is looking towards IT and asking, "OK, what can you do to help us get through this downturn?"

Driving more innovation in business and technology processes through internal and external collaboration using technologies such as Instant Messaging and wikis is the way that IT would like to go, communicating effectively, sharing skills and knowledge for the common good.

But they are finding it hard to do. Most customers are bound by legacy systems, which is a significant inhibiting factor. It’s a far cry from the free and easy, very intuitive world of Web 2.0 and social networking tools. When you look at collaboration tools, integration is complex, they’re expensive, and the journey and roadmap is a long timeline for most organisations.

One way forward is to create a culture of collaboration internally, taking advantage of the depth of corporate knowledge resident in deep organisation silos which have traditionally been seen as a business disadvantage.

This podcast will show how organisations who understand the benefits of collaboration can step up their collaborative performance to the business’s advantage, even against a tight economic backdrop. It will:

  • Discuss the current landscape for collaboration, the drivers – and the hurdles
  • Identify the key technologies for collaboration – for example, Instant Messaging, wikis, Facebook style applications or other tools – and explain how, why and when organisations should be going about using them
  • Offer insight on strategies that firms can take in order to improve their take-up of collaborative technologies, including adopting a more effective ‘voice’ strategy to free up corporate budgets currently being wasted ‘keeping the legacy lights on’
  • Examine how organisations can go from collaborative wishful thinking to Collaboration 2.0, spurring effective innovation and business efficiency
  • Draw on a case study of an end user that has used collaborative technologies to drive measurable efficiencies within the business

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    This was first published in March 2009


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