Wireless ISPs make pre-emptive spam strike

Wireline and wireless companies have joined forces as an ISP messaging anti-abuse working group to develop methods to shut down spammers before they appear on the networks. 

The founding members include Bell Canada, BellSouth, Cox Communications, Internet Initiative Japan, NII Holdings and Openwave Systems, among others. 

The group plans to build a "neighbourhood watch" which will gather information about spammers, create a standard architecture and technology to stop spam before it filters into the networks of  ISPs, wireless carriers or cable modem providers, as well as attempt to influence public policy. 

The group will also develop an ISP code of conduct, a trusted inter-carrier network for messaging and the creation of best practices to prevent spam, denial-of-service attacks, virus and any other undesired content. 

"Spammers are united, we need to do the same thing," said Nick Jacobs, director of data services at NII Holdings .

Ephraim Schwartz writes for InfoWorld


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