Keynote to offer Web site quality assurance service

Keynote Systems is rolling out a service this week to help corporations perform Web site quality testing and comply with...

Keynote Systems is rolling out a service this week to help corporations perform Web site quality testing and comply with government regulations.

The service, called Enterprise HTML Toolbox, is designed to help customers build Web sites free of HTML glitches and spelling errors. It can also test for desktop browser compatibility and ensure that download times are reasonable, according to the company.

With Enterprise HTML Toolbox, organisations can monitor and manage content from multiple sources, including business-to-business partners, checking for broken links, inconsistency in logos and names or inappropriate material, analysts said.

Features include the ability to monitor for HTML coding errors, which can be automatically repaired by Keynote's software, said analyst John McConnell at McConnell Associates.

Some features allow sites to be monitored for the HTML tags needed to make pages conform to federal regulations regarding people with visual disabilities, said analyst Bill Gassman at Gartner.

"One of the big drivers of this technology will be Section 508 requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act," Gassman said. He said the service can be configured to allow users to check whether an image includes a tag to provide an audible sound for visually impaired people. Keynote will enhance the service early next year to include more Section 508 requirements, said product manager Leslie Gaillard.

Enterprise HTML Toolbox will require installation of hardware running Keynote's software within an enterprise firewall, Gaillard said. It will cost $2,500 (£1,615) per month per device for an unlimited number of tests.



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