Enisa leads trickle to IPv6 for web addressing

The European Network and Information Security Agency (Enisa) has become the first EU Agency to delivers its web site content over the new internet protocol...

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The European Network and Information Security Agency (Enisa) has become the first EU Agency to delivers its web...

site content over the new internet protocol IPv6.

Very few organisations have adopted the new protocol, which provides 3.4×1038 possible internet addresses, even though the present IPv4 addressing scheme, with four billion addresses, is running out of addresses.

IPv6 is considered essential to implementing "ambient intelligence" networks or "the internet of things". It allows for auto-configuration, so that users can add a new device to a network simply by plugging it in.

Applications such as virtual private networks, voice over internet protocols (VoIPs) and peer-to-peer networking should also be easier to handle and allow more functions.

This is expected to lead to new mobile and wireless applications and services that might be too complicated or costly to do with IPv4.

Last year Enisa assessed IPv6, DNSSec (a security extension to the internet's Domain Name System for resolving domain names and IP addresses) and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) regarding their potential to increase network resilience.

Andrea Pirotti, Enisa's out-going executive director, said Enisa's move was the organisation following its own recommendations to take advantage of the technological and resiliency features they offer.

Bosco Fernandes, former coordinator of the EC steering committee task force on IPv6 and member of the ITU executive board, said users were finally appreciating the need to deploy IPv6. "It is a high priority topic in the telecom industry as well as for 3GPP, ITU and the UMTS Forum," he said.

ENISA deployed native IPv6 connectivity at its internet service provider and enabled Domain Name System (DNS) resolution and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol/Secure (HTTP/S) service delivery over IPv6.



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