The network administrators’ guide

The network administrators’ guide

In our network administrator tutorial, learn about network security and network management.

As a network administrator it’s your job to install, configure and maintain PCs, network operating systems and network equipment.

To support you in managing your network, establish security levels, and control system access, we’ve put this mini tutorial together for you. The network administrator tutorial has been designed to support you with your network security and network management needs. Let this tutorial be your one-stop resource centre which contains information and advice for network administrators.

This network administrators’ tutorial covers network security and your network management.

Table of contents:

Network security

Network security refers to the procedures that a network administrator adopts to prevent and monitor any unauthorised access of a computer network. This also includes any misuse of network accessible resources. Network security can deny access and modify the network.

Data breach at York University highlights urgency of network security checks, says ICO
A data breach at York University brought to light the urgent need for network security checks, according to the ICO there. Once the University had completed its IT project, the IT department did not test the security of their IT system. As a network administrator you will want to find out how this cost them.

Network security case study: College’s NAC virtual appliance makes grade
This network security case study reveals how a NAC virtualisation appliance blocks malware for Wellington College. The network administrator’s chosen solution also provides increased capacity on demand.

With UTM system, Blackpool Council trims network security costs
Blackpool Council installed a UTM system in a bid to cut costs and strengthen its network security measures. The Council was faced with Conficker on its network, and a dwindling budget. Find out how the network administrator managed to turn things around and stay within budget.

Network intrusion detection and prevention systems guide
Network attacks are evolving, so your network security detection systems must evolve too. Read this mini guide to find out how network intrusion prevention should include anomaly-detection and application awareness.

When to update wide area network security architecture
As a network administrator you need to bear in mind that not all traffic is destined for the data centre alone. Learn about updating you network’s security architecture.

Network disaster recovery plan template
If you’re lacking a network disaster recovery plan, you can download our free template to help you get started. Find out how to ensure your network’s security with a network disaster recovery plan.

Network management

Network management refers to the processes the network administrator uses in maintaining the operation and administration of an IT department’s network systems. Network management covers the methods and tools that relate to the operation, maintenance and provisioning of networked systems.

Upgrade Ethernet to fabric for cloud computing
Previously network administrators have been able to optimise network management by tweaking performance at the core of the network. However, Marcus Jewell, Brocade’s regional sales director believes virtualisation means network traffic becomes unpredictable.

Networking basics: The importance of strong networking support
It is vital that the data centre is up to the challenge of virtual networking, when enhancing server and storage systems. Read why virtual network support shouldn’t be overlooked in your network management strategy.

Unified network management: Wired and wireless together for good?
Read how these two organisations managed to improve reliability and security, through their integrated network management vision. Both organisations have put steps in place to reach a fully integrated network. But will the network administrators complete their missions?

Using network management and monitoring systems across IT and buildings
Bolton College decided to link up its campus network to its buildings facilities. Find out the reasons behind the move and read why the network administrator is using a monitoring and network management system to see both IT resources and buildings.

Network DR plan basics
If you’re not sure what to include in your network disaster recovery (DR) plan these DR plan basics may give you an idea as to what to document. In the event of a disaster, a good set of network management documentation can be valuable to a network administrator.

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