Data backup software product options

Find out how data backup software products are evolving to deliver advanced capabilities and features driven by data growth and rise of virtualised servers.

The data backup process is a painful one at many IT organizations. Data growth continues at mind-bending rates, with IDC predicting the "digital universe" reaching 35 zettabytes by 2020. And virtualized servers have changed the data backup environment dramatically in recent years. Find out the latest options in data backup software products, why they need to adapt to a more complex backup scenario, how users are coping with the changes and what to look for when buying a data backup software product.

Backup software products evolve as backup process grows in complexity
Backup software is rapidly evolving, driven by ever-larger volumes that need backing up and increased complexity resulting from server virtualization. Learn what features users are looking for in backup software products and how they rank vendors' efforts to meet those needs.

Data backup software: A guide to new data backup features
Data backup software doesn't just do backup anymore. Read about how backup products are incorporating data deduplication, continuous data protection (CDP), data protection management (DPM) and synthetic backup features. And learn how backup tools are gaining better integration with virtualised servers, as well as how open source backup applications are evolving.

Data backup software products: Features to look for when purchasing data backup software
In this podcast discussion, Ian Lock of GlassHouse Technologies (UK) explains what to look for when purchasing data backup software products, as well as the key features that differentiate the backup offerings.

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