Network-attached storage (NAS) basics for UK data storage managers

Learn the basics of network-attached storage (NAS), the differences between NAS and storage-area network (SAN) products, and get an overview of today's NAS market.

Traditionally, network-attached storage (NAS) products have been seen as easier to provision and manage versus storage-area network (SAN) technologies. While this may be true, enterprise data storage managers still need to know the ins and outs of network-attached storage to effectively utilise a NAS system in their business.

In this interview, Ian Lock, storage practice lead at GlassHouse Technologies (UK), discusses the basics of network-attached storage, what components make up a NAS environment and how the file-system capabilities of NAS differ from block-based storage solutions. Lock also examines the types of advanced features that are available in today's NAS products, including remote data replication, online volume expansion and snapshotting.

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NAS basics for UK storage managers
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