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The CW500 Club in 2017

Computer Weekly’s CW500 Club attracts the top IT leaders in the UK to talk to their peers. We present coverage of the 2017 events, including articles and video interviews

Computer Weekly’s CW500 Club events attract the top IT leaders in the UK to talk to their peers about the latest trends and technologies, and to discuss the challenges they face. Here, we present the coverage of all the 2017 CW500 events, including articles and video interviews with speakers.

1. Learning the lessons from the latest high-profile data security incidents

The number of major cyber attacks in the UK is accelerating, according to the National Cyber Security Centre. Just this year, the NHS and the Houses of Parliament, along with major corporations such as Maersk and Debenhams, were hit in high-profile incidents.

In 2018, the EU’s new data protection laws will make data breach notification mandatory for the first time – increasingly, customers turn away from companies that fail to protect their data. As such, it is more important than ever for IT and security leaders to know what is happening at every point in their network, and to have information to hand to react if affected by an attack. Your personal and corporate reputation may depend on the security intelligence you have.

In this CW500 Club event, we analysed the lessons from the recent cyber attacks, and discussed the technologies and best practices that can help.

2. As cloud use matures, what lessons have IT leaders learned so far and what are the next steps on the cloud journey?

The use of cloud is maturing – most organisations use some form of cloud service as part of their IT infrastructure. What have they learned?

Some see the benefits but also the risk of moving to cloud too quickly. Some struggle to make a hybrid of in-house and public cloud work effectively. Others find they need multiple clouds from different providers, but integration and interoperability are difficult.

In this CW500 event, we heard from mature users of cloud about the lessons they have learned, and how this will influence their future strategy as they look to take their next steps.

3. GDPR – what the new EU data protection rules mean for IT leaders

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018, and regardless of what happens with Brexit, the new rules will affect every organisation that handles data from EU citizens. If you don’t comply, you won’t be able to exchange data with the EU. The legislation imposes strict new obligations – including data breach notification – and higher penalties for non-compliance.

In this CW500 event, we explained the new rules and examined their significance for IT leaders.

4. Trends for IT leaders in 2017

In the first CW500 event of 2017, we took our annual start-of-the-year look forward to the 12 months ahead for IT leaders and the key trends of the coming year, to discuss how the challenges may affect your strategic planning process.

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