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HPE hails progress in using AI to build autonomous datacentres

Hardware giant claims to be the first in the industry to bring artificial intelligence-based infrastructure management software to market that can predict datacentre problems before humans can

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) claims to be getting closer to helping customers run autonomous datacentre environments with the roll-out of its artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled infrastructure management software, InfoSight.

The company is hailing the technology as an industry first that will help remove much of the guesswork when trying to pinpoint the source of reliability and performance issues within the datacentre and make it easier overall for operators to manage their facilities.

This is because, the company claims, HPE Infosight will allow operators to pre-empt infrastructure problems before they arise, by using its in-built machine learning capabilities, and can dynamically optimise datacentre resources to ensure application uptime, for example.

The software has been tested and trained using telemetry data accrued from more than 10,000 HPE Nimble Storage customers and, once deployed, will continue to hone its responses and become more reliable based on additional feedback on how it is put to use, the company said.

“Every second, HPE Infosight analyses millions of sensors across the globally connected installed base and uses this data to predict and prevent problems from storage to applications,” HPE said in a statement.

As well as putting it to use in HPE Nimble Storage-based environments, the company is also planning to bundle the software with HPE 3PAR appliances from January 2018.

The potential for AI and machine learning to change the way datacentres are run and managed is emerging as a recurring talking point in the industry, with Google among the firms keenly talking up its ability to improve the efficiency of facilities, while others have lauded the technology as a way to reduce the risk of human error-related downtime incidents.

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Bill Philbin, senior vice-president and general manager of HPE storage, claims the InfoSight is the first of its kind to predict and proactively resolve issues before customers are even aware of them.

However, the growing complexity of enterprise IT estates means moving to self-managing infrastructure is a must for many.

“As applications increasingly drive today’s businesses, we need to help customers move toward a self-managing IT model,” said Philbin. “HPE InfoSight enables IT to spend more time on projects that add value to the business, rather than on troubleshooting issues.”

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