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Almost half of UK IT workers are looking for a new job

Survey shows organisations must do more to retain their skilled IT staff as they embark on digital transformation

A survey has revealed that half of the UK’s IT professionals are unhappy in their current job and almost all of these are actively looking for a new role.

With skills shortages emerging as businesses begin their digital transformation journeys, organisations need to do more to retain skilled staff.

The survey of 1,200 IT professionals, carried out by jobsite CV-Library, found that 50% of them are unhappy in their current job, and 95% of these are actively looking to move on.

IT ranked equal fourth in the top 10 industries most affected by low job satisfaction, according to the study. The marketing industry was the most affected, with 57.1% of professionals saying they are unhappy in their jobs.

“It is concerning to learn that so many IT professionals are unhappy in their current roles,” said Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library. “While the prospect of a wave of candidates all looking for a new job is great if you are recruiting, it is less positive if you are losing members of your workforce as a result.”

Of those IT professionals who are unhappy at work, 34.5% said it was because of a lack of development opportunities, 27.6% said their work is unfulfilling and 17.2% said they don’t like the company they work for.

With technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and big data becoming more prominent, businesses more than ever need to retain staff with the right skills and experience.

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For example, since 2014, demand for the software developers and machine learning engineers who create AI software has increased by 485%, according to data from job site Indeed. It found there are now twice as many roles available than there are people to fill them, with 2.3 jobs for every qualified candidate in the UK.

And a survey by the London School of Economics and Rackspace found that a lack of cloud skills was leading to lost revenue for 64% of IT decision-makers in the UK. The report estimated that the cost of this to UK businesses was just under £217m a year.

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