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Adecco expands roll-out of Infosys-powered temp staffing platform

The recruitment company has built a cloud-first, mobile-first platform aimed at helping smaller businesses to recruit temporary staff

Recruitment specialist Adecco has begun rolling out its Adia digital staffing system built on a platform from Infosys.

Adecco said Adia is fundamental for introducing innovations that will enable the company to unlock the opportunities of the platform economy, and transform its core operations.

It said Adia is aimed at revolutionising recruitment by matching the demand and supply of talent more effectively and managing that talent more efficiently. It provides a way to match temporary staff with clients across multiple industry segments, such as hospitality, events and logistics.

The platform’s algorithm matches jobs to workers based on skills, level of experience and proximity to the place of work, as well as the job seeker’s real-time availability. The user can hire new staff, plan shifts, issue contracts and approve timesheets from this platform, all in real time, said Adecco.

Alain Dehaze, CEO at the Adecco Group, said the market for short-term assignments in the small client segment is very attractive but difficult to serve cost-effectively using Adecco’s existing branch network. This is where Adia fits in.

“As part of our co-creation strategy, we are working with Infosys to bring innovation across other parts of the business and we are delighted to have partnered with the best in class to boost our digital strategy and power our vision of what’s next in the staffing industry,” he said.

Speaking in May during the company’s first-quarter 2017 earnings call, Dehaze said: “We are clearly in investment phase, but digital models like Adia will have a lower cost to serve in comparison with our other offerings. And it means that this is really our strategy – that digital should drive profitable growth.”

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Adia enlarges the recruitment market that Adecco can now serve and provides a way for the company to offer more services and more models at a lower cost to serve by reducing manual processes and leveraging technology, said Dehaze.

Rajesh Krishnamurthy, president and head of Europe at Infosys, said: “The pace of change we are experiencing today is unprecedented and it urges organisations to constantly renew themselves, as well as leverage technology to develop new business models, if they are to remain relevant and succeed in an increasingly evolving world.”

Adecco’s chief financial officer, Hans Ploos van Amstel, said the company has invested €300m in new front-office and client-facing technology along with partnerships such as the one with Infosys to combine technology with Adecco’s insight of its markets and business, to bring products to market.

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