BlackBerry launches cyber security services

BlackBerry has launched cyber security services to safeguard people, privacy and assets, with vehicle security and GDPR compliance leading the new offering

BlackBerry has announced the introduction of cyber security consulting services at the BlackBerry Security Summit in London.

John Chen, executive chairman and CEO at BlackBerry, said cyber security has evolved from a technological consideration to a basic need, with the cost of cyber attacks projected to escalate from $400bn in 2016 to $6tn by 2021, according to research firm Cybersecurity Ventures.

Meanwhile, he said, the shortage of cyber security professionals is expected to increase from 200,000 in 2016 to 3.5 million by 2021.

Chen also highlighted BlackBerry’s security leadership, noting that Gartner scored BlackBerry software top in all six categories of its critical capabilities for high-security mobility management report for two consecutive years, and Forrester ranked BlackBerry top in the “security capabilities” category of its Enterprise file sharing and sync report.

BlackBerry said the new cyber security consulting services are aimed at enabling enterprise compliance with the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and mitigating security risks in connected cars that threaten safety.

The company said BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting will guide organisations through the process of understanding how to manage company data, how GDPR applies to the organisation, and how to achieve a competitive readiness posture.

“Having been engaged with the EU Justice Directorate-General since 2012, we understand the GDPR requirements and have developed expertise to help address the full range of GDPR implications for enterprises, from situational assessment to offering DPO [data protection officer] -as-a-service,” said Carl Wiese, global head of sales at BlackBerry.

“In addition to consulting services, we provide many necessary software solutions, making BlackBerry a one-stop shop for GDPR compliance,” he said.

Article 37 of the GDPR requires many organisations to have a dedicated DPO to oversee the company’s data protection strategy. The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) estimates that around 28,000 DPOs will be needed to address that requirement in the US and Europe.

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“When it comes to connected cars, there is no safety without security,” said Weise. “BlackBerry’s cyber security consulting practice builds on decades of experience in information security, data protection and cyber resilience to support our clients in protecting their most valuable assets.

“As hacking evolves and threats arise, our new cyber security consulting services will help play a critical role in the development of secure connected and autonomous vehicles,” he said.

According to the Automotive cybersecurity and connected car report from IHS Automotive, there are nearly 112 million vehicles now connected around the world, and the global market for automotive cyber security is expected to grow to $759m in 2023.

BlackBerry will offer new services directly and through a partner program aimed at helping to eliminate security vulnerabilities in connected and autonomous vehicles.

Spring Cloud, a supplier of autonomous driving artificial intelligence (AI) platforms in South Korea, will be the first partner to work with BlackBerry to provide the cyber security consulting services to a range of automotive technology providers.

Blackberry Marketplace reaches ‘major milestone’

BlackBerry also used the event in London to announce the availability of more 100 enterprise-grade products on BlackBerry Marketplace.

The company said it was a “major milestone” that through partnerships with BlackBerry’s growing independent software vendor (ISV) network, customers now have access to more than 100 applications, extensions and enterprise software products that were built from BlackBerry’s Development Platform.

BlackBerry said the Marketplace had been improved to make it easier to search and filter partner products, enabling customers and prospects to find what they are looking for.

Newly listed or updated partner systems are also much more visible, the company said, making it easier for visitors to see what’s new, while the Marketplace automatically scans whether apps have been updated in the App Store or Google Play, pulling the latest native information into the Marketplace.

ISV partners with new systems available on the BlackBerry Marketplace include Lookout, Mimecast, Movius, Neptune Software and Wandera.

“ISV partners and developers want to create products on BlackBerry’s Development Platform because it takes care of all the backend and infrastructure services, and makes their application not just secure, but BlackBerry Secure,” said Mark Wilson, senior vice-president and chief evangelist at BlackBerry.

“We want to work with as many partners as possible, in all industries and geographies, so we can offer our customers the broadest range of highly-secure innovative enterprise solutions,” he said.

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