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Dubai-based logistics company automates backup through cloud

Cloud backup and storage automation are key to supporting expansion at Middle East logistics company, CWT-SML

Dubai-based CWT-SML Logistics has automated its manual backup processes through the cloud as part of a move to the latest technologies to improve its operations.

Over the past few years, CWT-SML Logistics’ business footprint has steadily expanded. With each new addition the volume of data grew quite rapidly, making the company’s manual backup procedures even more complex.

The company has implemented WannaGo Cloud Services cloud backup to automate and replace these manual processes.

Established in 1999, Dubai-based CWT-SML Logistics has been in the third-party logistics industry for 20 years. From its initial focus as a logistics and warehousing operator, the company has evolved to become a global brand.

Backed by over 45 years of logistics experience from CWT in Singapore, CWT-SML Logistics provides expertise in the area of logistics management to its customers.

The company manages over 83,000m2 of storage space – which includes dry storage, temperature-controlled storage and open-yard storage – to support the regional growth of companies from a range of industries.

Time to automate manual backup

CWT-SML Logistics’ operations are dependent on a lot of data and complex procedures. Each piece of information is crucial to business efficiency and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

To overcome the challenges this presents, and to more effectively handle the high volume of data the business was generating as its operations grew, CWT-SML Logistics opted to automate its manual backup processes. Cloud backup services from WannaGo Cloud Services featured heavily on the company’s agenda.

Bruce Koh, general manager of CWT-SML Logistics, said WannaGo understands how important information technology has become, not just to CWT-SML Logistics’ operations, but to the logistics industry in general.

“Understanding what our business needs are, gathering information and consulting with experts was critical for us when we implemented the WannaGo Cloud Services cloud backup solution,” said Koh.

This underpins digital initiatives to improve operations and customer satisfaction. For example, Koh cited its fleet vehicle management system – which enables customers to track deliveries using satellite technology – as one area where the company has innovated

The manual backup processes used by CWT-SML Logistics prior to its implementation of WannaGo Cloud Services cloud backup required a significant amount of working hours to complete, thus taking attention away from the core business. This became evident when a malware breach compromised the entire operation and it took intense involvement of multiple teams for up to three days to get the system back on track.

In addition, the company’s capital expenditure model was expensive and time-consuming, especially as the business has continued to grow.

Cloud-based storage pays off

Rajesh Kotekar, IT manager at CWT-SML Logistics, said it chose WannaGo Cloud Services because of the strong relationship it already had with the company’s systems integration arm, Think Software Services.

Kotekar said CWT-SML Logistics had worked with Think Software Services for a while, and it had recommended cloud-based backup to handle the company’s backup needs. “Because [Think Software Services had supported] us whenever we required, the decision to implement its solutions was a straightforward one for us,” he said.

“We pay for the services we use and can stop or modify our requirements as per our business and market needs,” he said.

Since the roll-out of WannaGo’s cloud solution, CWT-SML Logistics has increased business efficiency with minimal human intervention during data backup, according to Kotekar.

“We now have an automated backup process that ensures the growing volume of data is protected, secured, accessible and can be recovered easily when required,” he said.

In addition, Kotekar said cloud backup implementation had increased its understanding and awareness of the benefits of cloud services and the motivation to bring more services under its umbrella across the group.

“With the implementation of this project, we have increased our core productivity,” he added.

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