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Dell EMC World brings “bigger, faster, stronger” storage upgrades

All-flash additions plus hardware and software upgrades see platform refreshes across all Dell EMC storage offerings, as well as design changes in Isilon and Xtremio

Dell EMC’s raft of announcements at Dell EMC World have mostly been about bigger, faster and all-flash – in its VMAX, Unity and SC arrays – plus architectural changes to Isilon scale-out NAS and its Xtremio high-end all-flash storage.

On the bigger and faster front, the enterprise-class VMAX family has seen the addition of the 950F. This can support open systems or mainframes and can scale to several hundred TB. It claims “maximum” 6.7 million IOPS and a “mixed workloads” response time of 350μs.

Meanwhile, the midrange Unity family (formerly VNX) adds four all-flash models, the 350F, 450F, 550F and 650F. These range in the maximum number of drives they can house from 150 to 1,000, with upward increments in processor clock speed and cores as well as memory.

Meanwhile, the lower midrange SC family (originally Compellent arrays acquired by Dell) gains the SC5020, which supercedes the SC4020 and doubles its capacity, increases IOPS by 45% and quadruples memory.

SC arrays are Fibre Channel and iSCSI block access with automated storage tiering.

In terms of products where we can see something such as architectural changes, we have Isilon and Xtremio.

The Isilon high end scale-out NAS family moves from being deployable in nodes with fixed compute and storage to being able to add those elements separately.

Dubbed “Infinity”, Isilon now also comes with the F800 all-flash option for performance examples, to add to existing hybrid and all-Sata spinning disk offerings. The F800 claims 250,000 IOPS and almost 1PB of capacity.

Finally, Dell EMC’s high-end all-flash behemoth Xtremio gets a “generational” upgrade that seems mostly to be based around software changes and improvements to compression capabilities.

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  • This year’s Dell EMC World will feature plenty of product releases as the mega-vendor beefs up emerging technologies while continuing its pre-merger platforms.
  • DSSD D5 flash appliance sales cease. The DSSD D5 for PowerEdge servers from Dell EMC was the first product from the merged suppliers.

Xtremio X2 brings a 3x boost in capacity per X-Brick node, claiming 80% better response times and increased density that can see 5.5PB fit in a rack.

Dell EMC marketing vice-president Sam Grocott said: “This is truly an end-to-end platform refresh from the high end to the entry level. We’ve made everything bigger, faster and stronger with platforms refreshes, a mid-life kicker.”

Asked about NVMe-based products, Grocott said Dell EMC would release its first NVMe storage product by the end of 2017. It’s already possible to put NVMe cards in the Dell Poweredge 14G server.

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