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Combound uses AI tool to manage customer interactions

Global sales service provider Combound is using a platform with artificial intelligence to support its telephone-based sales teams

Dutch global sales company Combound is using artificial intelligence (AI) and automating processes to help its telephone-based sales teams manage billions of sales interactions across its customer base.

Combound provides sales resources to e-commerce companies that are trying to grow internationally. It takes care of the full sales cycle for its customers, from identifying the appropriate target business customers and handling introductions right up to signing contracts.

The company relies on a huge database of contacts and an understanding of billions of interactions to ensure its telephone-based salespeople get good leads. It also needs to give salespeople the right tools to manage interactions and learn from them.

To this end, Combound is using a platform with AI from to support salespeople before and after they make a call. The technology automates processes for salespeople, creates reports on every call made and feeds information back in to the system.

The technology searches a large database to find leads that fit certain criteria and assists sales teams in following them up.

Combound CEO Jeroen Ponsioen said that as the platform and support was beginning to roll out across Europe, the company volunteered to be the first in the Netherlands to use it.

“Previously, our sales reps spent a huge amount of time identifying and following up the right targets. That is now more or less automated. They don’t need to spend time thinking about it and this has changed our business and, more than that, empowered our sales team.”

Ponsioen said that even basic functionality, such as telling salespeople what time to call leads by remembering what time calls were taken in the past, proved the value of the platform.

“This is very basic AI, but if you look at the cost of calls, that functionality helps a lot and was enough for us to make a decision to buy the software.”

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