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IT Priorities 2017: Quarter of Apac CIOs expect IT budget to rise by more than 10%

More than half of Apac-based IT decision-makers expect budgets to rise next year and cloud-related projects look the likely destination of the extra money

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Half  of IT decision-makers (50%) at Apac-based organisations think their IT budgets will increase next year, and cloud computing initiatives look set to receive more money, according to a survey from Computer Weekly/Techtarget.

The survey of more than 1,000 IT decision-makers across the Apac region found that 23.4% expect an increase in their IT budget of more than 10%, 21.1% think it will be between 5% and 10%, and 6.5% are expecting a rise of less than 5%.

Some 20.6% of respondents expect their budget to stay the same, while 10% expect it to fall.

Cloud services projects are set to be the main recipients of the extra spending, with 54.6% of IT decision-makers in the region expecting an increased budget in this area.

As the move to cloud gathers pace, other parts of organisations’ IT budgets are expected to be cut. More than 45% of Apac IT leaders expect their maintenance budget to fall in 2017 compared with 2016, which is not surprising as an increase in cloud-based systems reduces the need to maintain systems in-house.

For similar reasons, 41.8% expect spending on human resources to fall next year and 39.2% expect their budget for on-premise servers to decline.

In software, cloud-based as-a-service deployments are the most planned, with 45.7% of respondents expecting to implement software this way in 2017.

Cloud is again the main priority for storage backup, with more than 38% of respondents saying they would complete a cloud-based storage backup initiative next year.

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Broadband quality, data privacy and pro-business regime makes Singapore the second most cloud-ready country in the Apac region.

When it comes to software development initiatives, cloud application development is being planned by 34.7% of Apac IT decision-makers in 2017.

The survey also revealed the main broad projects being planned for the new year. Getting more out of data will be the main theme of initiatives implemented by Apac-based IT leaders, with 38% expecting to launch big data/business analytics initiatives. IT automation (33.5%), mobility (28.3%) and internet of things (27.4%) projects were the next most commonly planned.

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