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Top 10 IT outsourcing stories of 2016

Read 10 of the best of Computer Weekly IT outsourcing articles of 2016

This year has seen the IT outsourcing sector set new ground, and has also set the ball rolling on further changes to the global IT services sector.

New technology, as well as insourcing, are already forcing IT service providers to change their approaches. They are, for example, embracing developments in artificial intelligence and automation despite the fact it is set to eat into their traditional revenues.

Meanwhile, the world’s multinational companies are so mature in terms of offshore IT services that they are taking it all back and building their own offshore operations.

But the biggest changes could still come with US president-elect Donald Trump, ready to take on the outsourcing industry to keep jobs for Americans. This is an idealist chant that wins votes but might prove to destabilise the US and world economy.

Read 10 of the most popular Computer Weekly IT outsourcing articles of 2016. 

1. [email protected]: A history of IT outsourcing

Computer Weekly looks at where and when IT outsourcing was invented and considers the changes the sector has gone through since.

2. AstraZeneca IT insourcing exceeds expectation

The man heading up AstraZeneca’s project to insource its IT updates Computer Weekly on progress and explains the early benefits being reaped.

3. Offshoring IT services: Beyond the usual suspects

India is the prime location for offshoring IT – but it may not be the best fit for every business, and there are now many alternatives around the world.

4. Shell the latest multinational to insource IT offshore

Oil giant Shell is the latest large business to announce plans to insource its IT operations at a delivery centre in Bangalore, India.

5. Five tips to improve an offshore team

Using an offshore team can save time and money, but if used ineffectively, they can cost more than they save. Here are five tips on how to use offshore development teams effectively.

6. Software maker leaves Russia for India to increase resources and reduce risk

Commodities trading software company has moved its software development resources to Bangalore from Moscow.

7. Hundreds of UK IT and back-office roles at RBS cut

The Royal Bank of Scotland is cutting 900 IT and back office jobs as part of a reorganisation that involves offshoring roles.

8. Graduation of apprentices is coming of age for Accenture’s Newcastle hub

The first group of IT graduates emerging from Accenture’s apprenticeship scheme in north-east England will walk straight into jobs, debt-free.

9. Trump election win creates uncertain future for IT services sector

The IT services sector looks set to face a period of business uncertainty following Donald Trump’s election to become US president.

10. Centrica deal reveals deep cuts into the IT outsourcing sector

Centrica’s move to Microsoft Office 365 is further evidence of how the cloud is forcing the IT services sector to transform.

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