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Torbay and South Devon NHS to roll out integrated care records

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust will join up and share digital health and social care records across the region

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust is rolling out Intersystem’s HealthShare platform across the region, following a successful pilot programme.

The trust aims to join up health and social care records across the region for every single patient in the next year.

Using HealthShare, each patient will have a single health record that follows them regardless of which service they need to see. Information will be integrated across acute, community, social care and GP services.

The trust is part of a series of integrated care pioneers, which were given nearly £2m in funding by NHS England as part of the “safer hospitals, safer wards” technology fund.

It signed up to take the HealthShare platform in 2014. As part of its original pilot, the heart failure team at the trust used the system to streamline information sharing and care for vulnerable patients. 

Joanne Passmore, a heart failure specialist nurse at the trust, said the system alerts staff if any of their heart failure patients are admitted to hospital.

“We can also review medications and recovery plans. On discharge, this information is shared across our acute and community teams. As a result, patients receive continuous, informed and high-quality care by everyone they come into contact with,” said Passmore.

The roll-out of the system will be done in a phased approach, with health and wellbeing teams next in line.

When the trust signed the contract in 2014, it said it hoped the system would be able to be used as an analytics platform as well, allowing it to understand which resources are required where across different care settings.

As part of a mandate set by NHS England, all trusts in England must have an interoperable electronic health record in place by 2020, but a recent survey shows that nearly half of NHS CIOs are concerned about meeting the paperless 2020 target.

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