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Isaca holds first online infosec career fair

Information professionals’ organisation Isaca is to hold an online career fair to give cyber security job seekers direct access to employer organisations

Information professionals’ organisation Isaca is to hold its first Online Career Fair to connect cyber security professionals with top organisations seeking their skills.

Overcoming a lack of skills and shortage of talent in cyber security is a major challenge for companies, according to a recent report by security firm Kaspersky Lab.

The growing demand is not easy to meet, the report said, due to a lack of available specialists and increasingly complex requirements.

As many as 94% of hiring companies experience difficulties in finding skilled candidates, according to Isaca’s 2016 Cybersecurity Snapshot.

The Isaca career fair is aimed at helping participating organisations to plug their security skills gaps by interacting with attendees of the event.

Information security professionals who register for the event on 15 September 2016 will be able hold text-based chats with representatives of hiring companies, including more than 10 global organisations and Isaca, over a three-hour period.

The registration process provides log-in credentials to access the career fair to meet other attendees, ask questions and chat with potential employers from 17h00 to 20h00 BST (12h00 to 15h00 EDT).

Although registration will be open right up until the start of the event, Isaca recommends that all interested information security professionals register as soon as possible, with more than 600 having done so already. 

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The event is free for information security professionals of any level of experience to sign up to and attend to find out more about the positions available at participating companies that are looking to fill IT assurance, governance and cyber security positions.

Employers can choose from three packages to purchase virtual chat booths to reach the pool of candidates. Attendees simply have to join the queue of any chat booth they are interested in, and they will be notified when a chat session is available.

“Isaca is committed to narrowing the skills gap by training IT and cyber security professionals and connecting them with employers that critically need their skill sets,” said Theresa Grafenstine, vice-chair of Isaca’s board of directors.

“Finding the right candidate can be challenging, and Isaca’s online career fair helps make critical connections between talented candidates and great employers,” she said.

Investing in security training

Isaca believes that business has a role to play in terms of greater investment in creating job and training opportunities for information security professionals.

“Every year we see increased interest in cyber security matters by company boards, but only 20% of security officers report to the board or the CEO, and not many are following internationally recognised best practices,” said Christos Dimitriadis, chair of the Isaca board of directors.

“While there is a demand for highly skilled all-round practitioners, relatively few companies are investing in best practices which require the creation of capabilities to identify risks, protect against threats with security controls and to identify, respond to and recover from attacks,” he told Computer Weekly.

According to Dimitriadis, there is still relatively low-level investment in developing cyber security capabilities in key verticals, such as software development, critical infrastructure and even the financial sector, which is one of the more mature sectors in terms of cyber security.

“Although governments and organisations are starting to recognise the problem, investments are still not up to the level required to respond adequately to the huge financial losses being incurred worldwide as a result of cyber attacks,” he said.

Isaca Career Centre

The Online Career Fair is part of Isaca’s Career Centre, which offers free resources to build and improve careers, such as videos on building your personal brand and networking skills, career tips, CV writing, career and communication skills coaching, and social networking profile development.

Isaca decided to hold the event online first in accordance with the organisation’s focus on exploiting online opportunities, but plans to follow up this pilot event with events in the physical world, with the first of these planned to take place early in 2017 in the US to be followed by other countries.

The career support initiatives at Isaca form part of the organisation’s central mission of helping professionals and their organisations to realise the potential of technologies.

To this end, Isaca provides assistance in using technology to be more successful and innovative, to reduce costs, to reduce time to market and increase productivity or improve performace.

Isaca also helps organisations and professionals to manage IT-related risk, including cyber security risks, as well as helping professionals to increase, broaden and prove their cyber security skills in a cross-disciplinary way to enable a more comprehensive approach to information security.

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