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Gap between biggest and smallest cloud infrastructure firms is growing

Synergy Research Group's second-quarter cloud infrastructure services tracker reveals that the gap between the market's biggest and smallest players is getting wider

The gap between the cloud infrastructure industry’s biggest and smallest players is widening, with Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft now controlling more than half of the market.

That is according to Synergy Research Group’s latest cloud infrastructure services market share and revenue growth tracker.

Its data shows that the “big four” are already much larger and growing more quickly than their nearest competitors, which include Oracle, Rackspace, Salesforce, HPE and Fujitsu.

Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft collectively saw their revenue rise by 68% during the second quarter, while the next 20 largest providers achieved 41% revenue growth.

Within the big four, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now about three times the size of Microsoft, its nearest rival, with IBM third and Google fourth.

Despite sitting in fourth place, Google recorded the biggest year-on-year growth rate (162%) of the big four, followed by Microsoft (100%), IBM (57%) and Amazon Web Services (53%).

Google has made a concerted effort to court the enterprise market recently with its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) proposition the Google Cloud Platform, by revamping the management team that runs it and talking up its reference customers, which include Spotify and Snapchat.

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John Dinsdale, chief analyst and research director at Synergy Research Group, said a number of other factors were also helping the big four to pull away from the pack.

“What marks them out as different is their global presence, marketing muscle, ability to fund huge investments in hyperscale datacentres and, in most cases, a determination to succeed in the market,” said Dinsdale.

“The ranking of the next 20 largest cloud providers features some interesting companies, with Alibaba and Oracle growing particularly strongly, but they are all starting a long way behind Google, which is itself growing by well over 100% a year and yet remains only one-sixth the size of Amazon.”

Synergy Research Group said the quarterly revenue generated by the cloud infrastructure services market now stood at about $8bn, which works out at around $28bn a year.

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