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Hundreds of UK IT and back office roles at RBS cut

The Royal Bank of Scotland is cutting 900 IT and back office jobs as part of a reorganisation that involves offshoring roles

The Royal Bank of Scotland is cutting 900 IT and back office jobs in the UK as the business shrinks, with the bank saying it will try and redeploy some of the workers.

“As RBS becomes a smaller UK-focused bank, we are restructuring our support services to better align with the business we are becoming,” said a statement from the bank.

“These changes unfortunately mean some job losses. We understand how difficult this is for our staff and will be offering as much support as we can, including redeployment to other roles where possible.”

The bank said the cuts are part of announcements already made.

IT and back office roles are not alone in being effected by RBS’s downsizing. RBS has cut hundreds of jobs across its branch network recently, blaming changing customer habits.

It said the use of branches is declining due to the increasing take up of new digital channels. RBS added that there was a 30% drop in branch transactions between 2010 and 2014.

In April 2016, the bank said it was closing 32 branches and cutting 600 jobs, saying this was down to customers’ changing banking habits. A total of 200 job cuts were announced in London, with around 400 in the Midlands and north England also being lost.

According to a report, quoting sources, more job cuts are expected in the next few months.

The report also said 100 jobs will be moved to India. RBS is not alone, in April 2016, Lloyds Banking group said it was reducing its UK IT workforce by around 80 people, with half of these moving to India as part of a cull of more than 600 jobs at the bank.

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