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Rackspace embarks on renewed push to ease enterprise adoption of AWS and Azure clouds

Managed cloud provider Rackspace outlines how teaming up with IT consultancy Cloud Technology Partners will help enterprises struggling with the move off-premise

Rackspace has joined forces with Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) to increase the management support it can offer enterprise users of major cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

CTP is a consultancy that specialises in providing enterprises with advice on how to hone their cloud strategies, and insights into the tools and technologies they should use to assist their adoption of AWS, Google and Microsoft’s cloud services.

By joining forces, the two firms will work with organisations struggling with the management, security and integration challenges that crop up during the multi-phase process of moving to the cloud.

As part of this, the companies will also advise organisations on how to assess which apps should move to the cloud, and the steps they must take to ensure they can run with minimal problems in an off-premise environment.

Chris Greendale, CEO of CTP, said teaming up with Rackspace would enable both firms to support enterprises through every stage of their journey to the cloud.

“Our prescriptive approach to public cloud adoption has been hugely successful for enterprise customers, and we are very excited at the opportunity these combined services provide for both companies,” he said.

For Rackspace, the move marks a continuation of the company’s efforts to move beyond its roots as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider, and position itself as purveyor of managed services for a range of third-party cloud firms.

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To date, this has seen it strike up a partnership with Microsoft, whereby it resells Azure services to its customers and offers standalone managed services support for the platform. It has also previously rolled out managed support services for users of the AWS cloud.

Rackspace CEO Taylor Rhodes said the company was seeing growing demand from enterprises seeking help with adopting and managing their AWS and Azure deployments.

“CTP is a recognised leader in helping enterprises move to the cloud and is a natural complement to our managed services expertise. Together, we provide the market-leading solution that helps enterprises accelerate their realisation of cloud benefits,” said Rhodes. 

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