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Zadara adds object storage, bigger flash and 16Gbps Fibre Channel

Latest version of Zadara Storage features object storage, Fibre Channel and bigger cache options to software-defined cloud storage product that can run on-premise, off-premise and as a hybrid

Cloud software-defined storage provider Zadara has added object storage capability to Zadara Storage, plus 16Gbps Fibre Channel, bigger flash cache options and enhanced Docker functionality.

Zadara Storage – which moves to version 16.05 – is a software-defined storage product, but is available to use on-premise as well as off-site. That’s why it includes hardware options options such as Fibre Channel connectivity.

Zadara Storage can operate from a private datacentre, be colocated on a provider’s premises or be used via cloud storage services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

It provides file, block and object access. Customers can choose cache, drive type, Raid levels and disaster recovery options, all with cloud features such as multi-tenancy and elasticity of performance and service duration.

Object storage is added via Zadara’s ZIOS, which is OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3 compatible, and offers all the usual cloud features, such as multi-tenancy and chargeback.

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Meanwhile, 16Gbps Fibre Channel has been added as an option for on-premise services, while flash cache options now go up to 3.2TB in 200GB increments.

Zadara now also offers Zadara Container Services, which allow Docker containers to be run inside the storage with dedicated compute and storage resources.

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