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Atos embarks on datacentre refurbishment project push with ICTroom in Europe

Atos has formed an alliance with ICTroom to help speed up the time it takes for enterprises to complete datacentre consolidation and refurbishment projects

Atos has joined forces with datacentre integrator ICTroom to help speed up the time it takes customers to ready their server rooms and datacentres for hybrid cloud.

The partnership will initially see the two firms tackle datacentre refurbishment projects together in Benelux, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, as well as central and eastern Europe, before embarking on a wider geographical expansion.

In terms of who will be contributing what, Matthew Gingell, strategy director at ICTroom, said his firm will provide the infrastructure, hardware and design work for these types of projects, while Atos will be responsible for overseeing the IT services portion of things.

“There are use cases where you see people who want to migrate to the cloud, create their own private cloud factory or outsource their existing IT infrastructure,” he said.

“Atos have the direct exposure to many global enterprises and know the struggles many of them face doing that. If enterprises want to design and develop a datacentre for a particular workload in a particular location, we can now engage on that with them.”

Speaking to Computer Weekly, Wim Los, senior vice-president of technology transformation services at Atos, said the partnership should mean the firm is better placed to respond to enterprise requests for datacentre refresh projects, which often require quick turnaround times.

“Our customers are increasingly looking at refreshing their existing IT landscape and moving the applications and data connected to it to new platforms,” he said.

These new platforms could be housed in their own datacentres or those belonging to third parties that require links to public cloud environments from the likes of Amazon or Google, Los added.

“The nature of those projects is fast, fast, fast, with customers asking for lead times of three to six months,” he said.

“Customers want us to be very quick on our feet in response, and if you have to stand something up completely new or relocate, consolidate or refurbish a datacentre, we simply do not have the time to enter into discussions with five to six partners who we could work with from scratch to deliver.”

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