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EE rated as best mobile network, with O2 the worst

UK-wide study reveals EE is top in mobile network performance, speed, and reliability

EE has been rated as the best performing UK mobile network, with O2 the worst, in a study conducted across the country.

EE – formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile in 2010 – came top in every category assessed by mobile analytics firm RootMetrics. The company said it drove 24,000 miles in the first six months of the year to collect 1.1 million samples of network performance.

RootMetrics found EE to be the best mobile operator for network reliability, speed, mobile internet, call performance and texts. In contrast, O2 came last in every test except calls, where it was second to last ahead of Vodafone.

“EE is continuing to come out on top for mobile performance, but there is a heated – and often close – battle with the other operators,” said Chris Smith, RootMetrics general manager for Europe.

“Our growing reliance on our mobiles means network performance has a direct impact on our daily lives. From watching video on the go to taking part in WhatsApp conversations, we’re on our phones and when our connection is lousy, we notice.”

EE was also the winner for performance in urban areas, where mobile providers have concentrated their network capacity. According to the research, EE was the only operator to reach 20Mbps for median download speeds, with a peak of 35.7Mbps in Belfast.

A RootMetrics survey earlier in 2015 of 4G networks also highlighted EE as market leader for coverage and speed, but said that Vodafone, O2 and Three were catching up fast.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom wants to make it easier for users to switch between mobile network providers, and has launched a consultation on possible reforms to the switching process. The watchdog recently castigated EE for its poor customer service in mobile, broadband and landline communications.

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I would like to know how they came to this conclusion. Out here on the Dorset/ Wiltshire borders 3 and EE are rubbish. Whereas O2 and Vodafone are consistently reliable with good 4G coverage. Was the report sponsored by EE by any chance. Slightly more probing journalism required please Computer Weekly.
Hi Lucy,

The report was not sponsored by EE, we would not have written about it if it was. If you click on the link in the second paragraph to Rootmetrics, the company that carried out the survey, you'll go to a page on their website that explains the methodology used for their research.

I guess that having the best service overall across the country does not necessarily mean that any provider has the best service in a particular area.

Thanks for your comment,
Bryan Glick