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TalkTalk sets UFO FTTP broadband price bar low

TalkTalk reveals details of prices and packages for its ultrafast fibre UFO network in York

Businesses and residents of York will be able to connect to the new Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network for the same price as a standard TalkTalk broadband package.

The all-in, entry-level price of £21.70 a month for home users and £25 a month for businesses should make the UFO offering – a joint venture between TalkTalk, Sky and infrastructure builder CityFibre – a highly competitive service, although it will not be the cheapest full FTTP service available.

“UFO will revolutionise the broadband experience in York by giving consumers and businesses access to all the speed and bandwidth they could ever need, at an affordable price, future-proofing the city and making York better off,” said TalkTalk chief executive Dido Harding.

The consumer service will come as standard with TalkTalk’s three consumer packages – SimplyBroadband, Essentials TV and Plus TV – with prices rising to £36.70 all-in, meaning it includes both headline price and line rental, for the high-end service.

Residential customers on an 18-month contract will receive an unlimited and uncapped service, TalkTalk’s HomeSafe security service, and routing equipment.

Small and medium-sized enterprises taking its Complete Business Broadband package will also receive UK landline and mobile calls, four static IP addresses, a same-day fix service, the WorkSafe office security service, routing hardware, business prioritisation and service-level agreements on bandwidth guarantees.

TalkTalk and Sky opened up the UFO network for potential customers in May 2015, inviting interested parties to register their interest in receiving the service at a series of roadshow events in York.

The operators have also been inviting residents and businesses in the Huntington and Groves areas of the city to vote to say they want to receive the gigabit broadband service, and to offer it to nominated local good causes in the community for free.

TalkTalk said it hoped to connect the first customers to the UFO service in autumn 2015, with existing customers receiving priority.

Harding said: “The UK has lived with broadband infrastructure that has suffered significant underinvestment for too long, and we lag well behind the rest of Europe when it comes to rolling out pure, ultrafast fibre networks.

“We have the potential to become the world’s leading digital economy but we need this kind of investment in superior fibre infrastructure to make this a reality,” she added.

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