HDS joins the software-defined infrastructure pack

HDS move into software-defined infrastructure space with new portfolio

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is attempting to enter the software-defined infrastructure market by extending its product portfolio.

Unveiled at HDS Connect 2015 in Las Vegas, the announcements include the expansion of the Hitachi Storage Virtualisation Operating System (SVOS) in an expanded Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family. The portfolio now includes the G200, G400, G600 and the upcoming G800.

Also unveiled was the expansion of the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) series, to include small to large converged and hyper-converged infrastructure models.

The Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform (HSP) for data analytics workloads was also presented.

“The fundamentals of IT are changing,” said Sean Moser, senior vice-president of global portfolio and product management at Hitachi Data Systems. “Whether it is the adoption of ‘third platform’ technologies and striking the proper balance among the different modes of IT, or the ongoing move to providing IT as a service, there is change taking place, all while our customers are trying to move to IT as a service.

“Customers are looking for ways to be more agile and flexible to gain a competitive advantage. Hitachi is delivering a new generation of software-defined technologies built to support the changing needs of customer application environments to deliver on those goals and connect what works today with what’s next.”

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Darius Harris, senior IT manager at Nedbank, South Africa, said Hitachi is extending its SVOS to an expanded Virtual Storage Platform VSP family, “essentially bringing the power and potential of storage virtualisation within reach of organisations like ours”.

The new hyper-converged and converged infrastructure models included in the Hitachi UPC portfolio see the introduction of the hyper-converged Hitachi UCP 1000 for VMware Evo:Rail and the converged Hitachi UCP 2000. In addition, the Hitachi UCP 6000 converged model includes Hitachi CB 2500 blade servers.

Spar has implemented Hitachi UCP technologies and Andreas Kranabitl, managing director for Spar’s information and communication services (ICS), said: “We at Spar are prepared to meet and proactively address any changes and growth.”

The newly announced Hitachi HSP is designed for Hadoop environments to enable users to analyse data in place without having to move large datasets to perform big data analytics.

“Attaining higher utilisation on clusters and storage pools is critical for us, as is having a single point of support,” said James Hanley, vice-president and general manager for cloud, platform and datacentre at Computer Sciences Corporation.

“With HDS, we are able to deploy an enterprise-class converged infrastructure through automated orchestration of our server, network and storage resources,” Hanley said. 

HDS also revealed the Hitachi Automation Director application, which works with the Hitachi Command Suite management infrastructure. It works on the application-specific provisioning of storage resources to databases, applications and virtual desktop infrastructure environments.

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