Vision Solutions debuts tool to ease Microsoft Azure cloud migrations

AWS and VMware cloud users get a helping hand from Vision Solutions when moving apps and workloads to Microsoft Azure

Vision Solutions is using automation to make it easier for enterprises to move their cloud-based apps and workloads from Amazon and VMware’s clouds to Microsoft Azure.

The disaster recovery supplier’s Double-Take Cloud Migration Center offering promises to help enterprises move their cloud assets with minimal risk of downtime by removing a lot of the manual processes involved with switching providers.

The technology is based on the firm’s Double-Take Move product, which provides users with a means of migrating their physical, virtual and cloud workloads across any distance to any on-premise, cloud or virtualised environment.

“Migrations can adversely impact companies’ day-to-day operations with detrimental downtime,” said Vision Solutions vice-president of cloud and strategic alliances Ian Masters.

“Double-Take Cloud Migration Center provides automated, simplified migration processes, which ease the burden associated with moving platforms while providing the flexibility companies need.”

Masters said it should also free enterprises to ditch providers that are no longer fulfilling their business needs with greater ease.  

“Companies are looking at how they move to cloud and use migration as part of their on-going strategy for deploying IT assets. What suited businesses last year may no longer be the best fit today due to changes in cost and performance,” he added.

Keeping track

The software also allows admins to track the number of virtual machines they have running in a cloud environment before they migrate to a new provider.

Speaking to Computer Weekly, Vision Solutions director of product strategy Tim Laplante said this functionality is important as administrators don’t always know how many virtual machines are running within their IT estate.

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“It’s a nice to have for people who aren’t sure about what they have in their environment, so we can go in and pull that information out for them,” he said.

“We know administrators don’t have knowledge of every virtual machine that’s running because they might have been created by a separate project team or by another member of staff. So we wanted to ensure that when whoever is in charge is told to move all their servers out of an environment, they can be sure they’ve got them all.”

Looking ahead, the firm is planning to release similar products later in 2015 that will help enterprises undertake similar migrations into the Amazon Web Services and VMware vSphere-based clouds.

This, Laplante said, is part of the company’s overarching aim to provide enterprises with the ability to move any app or workload to whichever environment they want.  

“We will have at least two more releases of the Cloud Migration Center that will be specifically targeting the Amazon and VMware cloud because it’s our intent to let users move anything to anything and any environment,” he added.

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