Fast-track e-courses launched to boost IT skills

Training provider aims to close IT skills gap with remote fast-track e-courses with CompTIA CertMaster

CompTIA has launched a learning platform which aims to skill up a workforce of networking technicians remotely through fast-track e-courses.

The certification provider has revealed CompTIA CertMaster, which is designed to enable IT professionals to become network technicians via their smartphones and tablets through an e-learning platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

The course will enable the students to study for the CompTIA Network+ exam using an algorithm that tracks students' memory capacity, confidence and aptitude to regulate dopamine levels.

CompTIA claims the technology could help students build, manage and troubleshoot networks up to 75% faster than when learning on traditional courses. Furthermore, the company claims the platform has helped students achieve 80% knowledge retention during early trials of the course.

Thomas Reilly, vice-president of CompTIA Learning, said CompTIA CertMaster is focused on learner engagement.

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“Each learner has a distinct path going through the product, a learning fingerprint. Throughout the course the learner is exposed to four key motivational triggers: progression, risk, achievement and curiosity. Working in combination, these triggers create a positive feedback loop for the learner,” he said.

The course draws on a range of network disciplines, including software-defined networks, virtual network segmentation and digital forensics techniques.

The launched of CompTIA CertMaster adds to the training provider’s drive to narrow the IT skills gap. In January 2015, CompTIA launched an initiative to promote collaboration between the different age groups in the IT industry.

The CompTIA Futures Leaders Community aims to bring together IT professionals aged 35 and under who are looking to grow their careers and connect with peers.

The Future Leaders Community was launched to explore a range of issues, including how to make channel companies more prepared to make the most of a multi-generational workforce. 

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