TechFutures Teachers pack will educate youngsters about IT careers

TCS, MyKindCrowd and Tech Partnership release education pack for teachers to educate young people on the range of careers in tech

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has joined forces with Tech Partnership and MyKindaCrowd to create a resource pack for teachers to educate young people about the careers available in the tech sector.

The pack includes information on the range of roles available and the steps required to achieve such a career.

The TechFutures Teachers: Careers Resources Pack was launched at the recent Big Bang Fair after the pack was developed from research conducted by MyKindaCrowd. The research found that despite young people being well-versed in using technology, knowledge on how technology is created and the career opportunities surrounding IT is lacking.

Nupur Singh Mallick, HR director at TCS UK and Ireland, said: “Digital technologies are playing a defining role in all aspects of our lives and this trend will continue to grow. As a result, there will be an increase in demand for employees with digital skills, and so more young people need to choose the right education, to give them the required future skills.

“At TCS, we believe businesses must take action to help educate and inspire young people about the potential advantages of a digital skills-based career. The TechFutures Careers Resource Pack is a key part of our IT Futures programme, a series of TCS-led initiatives designed to foster enthusiasm and engagement among young people and address the long-term challenges limiting the growth of the UK’s digital talent pool.”

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Volunteers from TCS will be hosting sessions in schools with MyKindaCrowd based on the materials in the pack. Fifty sessions have already been held, and 60 more are planned over the next 12 months.

Sue Nieland, director of education for the Tech Partnership, said: “It is vital that we have a secure talent pipeline to ensure the future success of the digital economy.

“These employer-created resources will help to inspire the future tech workforce about the fascinating careers that are available to them in the tech industry.”

William Akerman, managing director of MyKindaCrowd, said: “It is encouraging that businesses are proactively looking to help shrink the skills gap and, in particular, the digital skills gap.

“Forging links with schools and teachers, and providing them with dedicated resources to inspire them and provide them with new skills is excellent in helping students explore what careers will suit them. It is crucial that we support students to make the best choice about their future and career.”

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